recently acquired

clothes edition. from top right: rachel comey camp blouse, j crew skirt, leopard print cardigan, j crew gingham shorts, and a panama hat for the glaring texas sun. summer essentials, all.



some very impressive latte art from my favorite café in montréal. seriously, the coffee at café neve is rivaled only by the stuff they serve at monmouth coffee in london.


the year of living glamorously

making an effort to inject a bit more glamour into my everyday life. it began simply enough: more breakfasts in sweet cafés (like café neve, which has the best coffee in montreal) with good reads (then it was "the gentlewoman," with its profile of my favorite lady, phoebe philo; now its "the longest journey," as i've been on an e. m. forster kick lately). i predict living glamorously will also include more soirées, more dressing up (not hard), and more fun.