de trop

ok, i know i've been all about the mass/conspicuous consumption lately, but i am totally in love with this clare vivier la tropézienne bag. GORGEOUS. i want, i need. christmas in april, anyone?

also, the designer's blog is seriously awesome, too. i'm dying for her stuart weitzman (shh) clog/sandals. totally getting a pair the moment i'm back home.

update: this bad boy is MINE.



photo via the lab

the pictures of alison pill in the lab magazine are gorgeous.

ugh, i am so ready for summer.



photo via lele saveri

cannot wait to receive my subscription to "apartamento" in the mails. so excited to see pictures of chloe sevigny's apartment. until then, back to my last paper as a master's student (or almost last, with the very big exception of my thesis).



need this mociun black and white lines tank, STAT, but can't seem to find it in my size...boo.


brooklyn posse

birthday weekend 2010. with the coolest kids i know. love these guys.



near raj's place in williamsburg, brooklyn. from my best nyc trip to date.



happy easter. ingredients for a lovely spring morning: almond and chocolate croissant (check), sun streaming through the open windows (check), marie antoinette soundtrack on repeat (check), strawberries and white wine in the fridge (check check), and persuasion, which is quite possibly jane austen's most beautiful novel (check).

photo of a spring long past--peonies, chablis, ladurée macarons, and diptyque perfume in my old parisian apartment.


st ambroise apricot ale is one of the best things about montreal (though it doesn't even begin to compare to abita strawberry ale). the first days of spring call for cold beer, good food (caprese sandwiches, shrimp tikka masala), and a serious avoidance of anything school-related.